How to Buy Distressed Commercial Real Estate for BIG Returns

Buying Real Estate

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Discover how to buy distressed commercial real estate for BIG returns! In this video you’ll learn how an investor seized the opportunity to purchase a distressed commercial property, overcame tremendous challenges, and is turning it around to create a stable, cash flowing asset worth over $7 million!

0:00 Would You Catch this Deal?
2:55 Distressed Commercial Property Case Study
5:53 Distressed Property, Distressed Seller
7:58 Eviction Moratorium
11:32 Financing the Deal
13:10 Turn it Around Plan
15:40 Big Returns!
18:58 Overcoming Challenges
20:29 Tips for Beginner Investors
23:20 Future Plans
24:27 What Does it Take to Buy Distressed Commercial Real Estate?

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