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Blackrock Buying Houses

The recent wall street journal report that Blackrock buying real estate titled “If you sell a house these days the buyer might be a pension fund” has many in an uproar and shaking up the US housing market. They are now a new major competitor to the firsttime homebuyer and generally to all homebuyers trying to achieve that American Dream.
Pretty soon this hedge fund might be known as Blackrock real estate.
Homebuyers are entering into a seller’s market. Are we headed for a housing market crash? If you were to judge Blackrock buying houses now you would probably think not. Black rock buying entire neighborhoods is frustrating many people across America.
Blackrock buying up rental houses certainly does not bode well for owner occupied neighborhoods, because renters do not care for the upkeep of the property compared to owners.
In all honesty, Blackrock buying single family homes is just a huge headwind for the first time homebuyer. It seems that blackrock is buying everything. The site of blackrock buying entire neighborhoods should be disconcerting to many homeowners.
I’m sure many homebuyers are searching about the housing market and why are housing prices rising. US home prices are rising due supply demand, and to all the money printing and low interest rates to the pain of many. Inflation is for real in all goods currently.
Some are wondering about a US housing market crash? Are we in a housing market bubble? I don’t think we are in for a 2021 housing crash. Perhaps we will see a 2022 housing market crash. The real estate market update is always in flux.
Right now the housing market 2021 forecast is still red hot. A couple months back we saw lumber prices inflating at the fastest rate in years and recently we see lumber prices crashing. New home sales declining has been a common theme. The decline in home sales is because there is fewer inventory, and fewer buyers able to buy those houses.
Will the housing market crash 2021 happen or will we see home prices dropping slowly in the near future like a leaky flat tire? Some are asking if we are in a real estate bubble while others are asking why is the housing market so high?
The housing market 2021 right now is on fire in all parts of the US. Home prices are rising everywhere and people are asking why are houses so expensive? Real estate 2021 is becoming a real challenge to future homebuyers because of the competition. You have high housing prices rising even further leading some to believe a housing market crash 2021. Housing affordability currently is getting smaller as a percentage.
No one has the crystal ball for the housing market forecast 2021. Some buyers are asking themselves should I wait to buy a house in 2021.
In the end, they are still pining for that American Dream despite rising prices.

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