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If you want to save money do this real estate investment strategy instead of turnkey real estate. Turnkey real estate investing is a very popular real estate investment strategy. This real estate investment strategy is particularly popular with real estate investors who live in expensive real estate markets. Oftentimes turnkey real estate investors find themselves on opposite sides of the motivation spectrum with their turnkey providers as every dollar a real estate investor saves on acquisition is a dollar that the turnkey company loses. In the 295th episode of The MLS Search & Analysis Show James Wise is working with a couple out of state investors to show them rental properties right on the local MLS. This alternative real estate investing method to traditional turnkey real estate investing is a money maker. With this alternative rental property investment method the out of state investors are able to buy rental properties off of the local MLS from tired landlords and distressed sellers. The real estate investors are then able to utilize Holton-Wise as their boots on the ground team for full service property management, maintenance, insurance, title work, lending and more. Because of this alternative method to turnkey real estate out of state investors are able to buy rental properties with the full set of turnkey services without having to pay the typical premium that traditional turnkey companies sell their investment properties for.


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