Picking Real Estate Markets To Invest In (Exactly How)

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?Learn how to pick the best markets with Greg Rand.
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If you’ve considered different wealth-building strategies and and wondered, “why real estate” and then thought about “how” to invest in real estate, this podcast is for you. This episode’s expert guest is Greg Rand, CEO, author, radio host and leading authority on real estate investment. Greg walks us through his winning strategies on the why’s and how’s of picking the right investments for YOUR particular brand of real estate investing.

Greg, along with Connected Investors CEO Ross Hamilton, break down past investments, how to choose future investments and the big considerations when taking the plunge on your first or next investment.
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Show Resources:
https://ExactlyHow.com (Show Notes + Gifts + Resources)
https://Connectedinvestors.com (The social network for REI)
https://Connectedinvestors.com/mobile (House flipping APP)
https://PrivateLenders.com (Find funding for flips)
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Want to get into real estate? Not sure how to start? You need to see this!
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ABOUT the Connected Investors’ founder Ross Hamilton:
Ross Hamilton has been investing in real estate since he was just 19 years old and he has really done it all. Ross has completed countless residential and commercial fix and flips, wholesale deals, he buys and sells notes and makes a killing developing land.

Ross has a rare talent set. Not only has he been very successful as a real estate investor, he has made a very influential name in the tech world as well. Ross has raised and invested millions into tech companies.

Ross is the CEO of https://Connectedinvestors.com. Connected Investors is an investment property marketplace and social network for real estate investors with close to a million members. Several years ago Ross launched a private funding portal that disrupted the entire industry. His portal facilitates over 3 Billion in funding A MONTH.

He has a unique perspective on the real estate investing market and he loves sharing his knowledge with others.
Want to get into real estate? Not sure how to start?
? See It Here: https://CiX.com/see-it

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