Peter Schiff on the Fed’s Latest Move and Real Estate

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Will the Fed REALLY raise interest rates multiple times in 2022? And if they do, what happens to real estate?

Fed Chair Jerome Powell has admitted inflation is NOT transitory (welcome to the party!) … and says “tapering” and interest rate hikes are coming to an economy near you.

What does all this mean? Are you ready? What’s an investor to do?

To find out, we sit down with our good friend, regular contributor, multi-time Summit faculty member, best-selling author, renowned and outspoken economic pundit, and professional money manager … the irrepressible Peter Schiff.

So tune in as we talk taper, tightening, tantrums, and 2022 tactics with Peter Schiff!

Dec 26, 2021

0:00 Intro
1:20 Why Watch the Fed?
3:32 What Just Happened?
10:50 Adding Fuel to the Fire
14:38 The Fed’s New Plan?
17:00 The Cost of Stopping Inflation vs. Letting it Run Free
24:19 Effects of Supply Chain Shortages
28:36 Real Estate Trivia
32:20 Puerto Rican Real Estate Market
35:33 The CPI and The Reality
41:17 Peter’s Past Predictions & What Russ is Watching Now
46:55 Resources for Looking at the Big Picture
48:18 Inflation/Deflation/Stagflation
51:52 Studying the Past and Preparing for the Future
53:37 A week in Paradise with George Gammon, G. Edward Griffin, Ken McElroy, & more …
55:19 Closing

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