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US Housing Market Forecast 2022 – Real Estate Forecast – Complete housing market forecast for 2022 including data on Population, Mortgage Interest Rates, Jobs (The Economy), New Home Construction, Foreclosures & Forbearances, Supply & Demand, Home Prices, and Rental Rates. Past real estate predictions have been spot-on, see what the complete view of US home sales brings to the US real estate market in 2022. #housingmarketforecast2022 #housingmarket #realestatemarket

Video Content Chapters

0:00 Introduction
1:00 Table Of Contents Review
2:00 US Supply Of Existing Homes
3:40 US Home Sales (New & Existing Home Sales)
4:18 US Housing Price & Rent Inflation
5:32 Real Estate Is Local Versus Global Market Forces
6:20 Population Changes
6:46 The Economy By Age Groups
8:14 Inflation (Year-Over-Year Change)
10:13 Mortgage Rates Versus The Fed Funds Rate (Trend Analysis)
14:59 US Housing Starts (New Privately-Owned Housing Units)
16:16 Shoutout To Kevin Erdmann @KAErdmann
18:28 Foreclosures, Forbearances, & US Home Loan Delinquencies
19:52 Why There Was And Is NO FORECLOSURE CRISIS
21:08 US Housing Price & Rent Inflation Explained
21:55 US Rental Rates Over Time
22:37 My 2022 Housing Market Forecast
24:42 The Future Of Housing (Generational Change)
25:36 My Advice For Your Long-Term Housing Needs

Shoutout To Kevin Erdmann @KAErdmann (The Housing Bubble And Ensuing Recession)

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