Is there financing for foreigners buying Costa Rica property?

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One of the simplest questions I hear from clients is, “How can I finance the purchase of a Costa Rica property?” There are good and bad news. The bad news: banks will not provide mortgages for foreigners buying property in Costa Rica – a foreign bank in your home country won’t give you the loan against the Costa Rica property’s title, and a Costa Rican bank will not give a foreigner a loan to buy real estate (generally speaking). ***But there are a a couple possibilities (that remain the exception to the rule that Costa Rica is a cash market for foreigners). In this quick video I discuss a couple of the ways that it could be possible for you to finance the purchase of real estate in Costa Rica – they can be difficult to achieve but if you’re mainly looking for bridge financing then you do have some options!

There are a few properties on the market where sellers will finance the purchase. At the Villas Venado condos, the sellers will accept 1/3 down payment and finance the rest up to five years. Here is the listing link:

Here is a 3BR home about 15 minutes from the beach with seller financing (50% down payment with flexible terms, low interest)

0:51 – Will banks give mortgages to foreigners buying property in Costa Rica?
1:35 – Good news: sellers may finance
2:45 – Seller financing vs. a normal mortgage
4:05 – Private 3rd-party loans


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