Real Estate Investment Strategies with Daniel Bobry

Investment Strategies

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Our guest for this episode is Daniel Bobry. Daniel is a young professional who after purchasing his own home, fell in love with real estate and has been working since then to create and grow his real estate investment portfolio with the end goal of working with real estate full time.

In this episode we discuss:
Growing up in an entrepreneurial family [3:22]
Career before Daniel invested in real estate and how he got into real estate investing [4:51]
Type of property he first invested in [7:33]
Tips for starting in investing in real estate [8:18]
Lessons learned while investing in real estate: Cash isn’t always king [10:12]
Alternative financing methods available to real estate investors [11:51]
How he closed his first real estate deal [14:24]
Importance of listening to experienced real estate investors before jumping into real estate [16:53]
Real estate investment criteria and strategies [19:15]
How to contact Daniel [22:02]

Links to sources and tools
Send an email to Daniel at if you’d like to talk about real estate.
Follow Daniel on LinkedIn:
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