Amazon Customers’ Most-Loved Home Products Include Wellness Gifts You Can Get Yourself

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Did you receive a wellness-inspired Christmas, Kwanzaa or Hanukkah gift this year? According to Amazon’s most-loved home product selections this week, many of you did.

For those who didn’t get health-enhancing gifts for your home, here are five of the popular site’s page one gifts that can enhance your well-being, and may even help you keep your new year’s resolutions for 2021. There’s no reason not to give yourself a wellness design-inspired gift if one didn’t come your way with the holidays.


This product type was in the top three list and rated by more than 39,000 users. Covid has made people more sensitized to the importance of the air they breathe and the importance of sleep. A well-chosen humidifier can benefit people who suffer from dry skin, hair, throat and lips. They can also help those who suffer from sinus headaches, allergies, asthma and frequent coughing, and benefit your home’s plants, wood floors and energy bills. If better sleep is on your resolutions list for 2021, this is a gift worth considering.

Water filtration

Water quality, health and safety issues have plagued Americans in recent years, most dramatically in Flint, Michigan, so it’s not surprising that an affordable filtration product would be a page one choice with almost 19,000 reviews. There are many ways to address water quality problems, with one of the simplest being carafe-style filtration. This product type can address lead, which many whole home systems don’t. It won’t improve your bath or shower experience, but a pitcher-based water purifier can support your resolution to drink more water in the new year.  


Cast iron cookware

This ancient material showed up on three of the 24 top page listings this week. One was a classic skillet. Another was a round griddle. The third was a reversible grill/griddle combination. Their combined ratings topped 100,000. There are four wellness benefits of cooking with cast iron. One is that it adds iron to food cooked with it. Iron deficiencies can cause anemia, resulting in potential fatigue, weakness, difficulty concentrating, dizziness, shortness of breath and chest pain.  Another wellness benefit is that a properly-seasoned cast iron pot or pan can reduce the amount of oil you cook with, thus eliminating some fats from your diet. Another benefit is that cast iron doesn’t put harmful chemicals into your body like many nonstick pots and pans do.  Last but not least, since cast iron is so durable, you can keep these pots and pans for decades, saving money you can use on other wellness purchases. Cast iron cookware can help support your healthy eating resolution for 2021.

Air fryer

Air fryers have become extremely popular cooking tools in recent years, showing up in countertop appliances and even as features in wall ovens and ranges. As with cast iron cookware, air fryers can reduce the amount of fat in your cooking process, with the reduction being significantly larger using an air fryer. They can also make vegetables tastier and speed dinner to the table. While a great substitute for deep frying, it’s best to look at other cooking methods like grilling, steaming and slow-cooking as healthier alternatives.  Air fryers can support your resolution to cook more vegetables in 2021.  

Indoor grill

We tend to think of grilling as the province of outdoor living, which is something only those in sunbelt climates are enjoying at this wintry time of year. It doesn’t need to be though. Grilling is a generally healthful way to cook meat, fish and vegetables with reduced fat. And it can be safely done indoors with the right equipment. There are two important caveats to this. First, if you’re grilling over a cooktop or range burner, you need to make sure you’re using sufficient cooking ventilation so that the smoke and odors generated are pulled out of your kitchen. Second, you want to be sure to avoid charring meats, as this can put potential carcinogens into your food. That being said, an indoor grilling appliance can keep smoke and odors out of your space, making it superior to a grilling pan in many kitchens. Many models also feature dishwasher-safe trays, which make them more convenient than outdoor grills or grill pans, which often require time-consuming handwashing. Having a low maintenance way to cook healthfully in any weather makes this page one placement and closet to 8,000 ratings understandable. Indoor grills can bolster your new year’s resolution to eat healthier.

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