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Buying Real Estate
What is the meaning of Buying and Hold and investment property in all USA?
You basically turn into Landlording – An Investor will buy a property with us, rents it outwith us and creates monthly cash flow with us.
It’s important to know the difference between Real estate vs feel estate. And look at the numbers! No worries The Parodi Group have a team for you for that, Just call us at 832.500.8683 today! To become a buy and hold investor you will need he Right Team, Credit to qualify for a mortgage, Capital for the down payment. Hard money lenders could be an option for financing. The Parodi Group has many inside portfolio lenders in place. Just call 832.500.8683 today. An investor return can expect for example :$1200 mortgage – $1600 monthly rent – $200 Mgmt/Maint. Reserves = $200 monthly cash flow. Assuming a $20,000 initial investment would = 12% cash on cash return [2400 / 20000].
A good rule of thumb is 12% or more cash on cash return. UNLESS – you buy and hold for APPRECIATION as we do. On today’s days, Technology has changed the
game. The Parodi Group knows where to BUY or NOT BUY for appreciation and we leverage on it 24/7. If someone is interested in becoming a Landlord, what’s the next step? Simple call 832.500.8683 and The Parodi Group will help you to assess your current financial situation – credit, capital, cashflow.
The Parodi Group will provide a blueprint to get started on purchasing that first/next property. Just call 832.500.8683 like us at fb.com/TheParodiGroup and be informed Subscribe to ParodiGroupShow.com like this video and feel free to share, write a comment and repost.

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