Real Estate Investing for Beginners: Why Rental Property Investing Is the Best Strategy for 2020

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Are you looking for the best investment strategy to make money in 2020? Let us tell you right away: Real estate investing in general and rental property investing in specific is the answer to your quest.

Real estate investing for beginners offers many benefits. Here are the 10 most important ones:

1. Real Estate Investing Is a Low Risk Investment

Real estate investing is a very safe, low-risk investment strategy. Rental properties are tangible assets, which makes it very hard to lose everything, unlike with investing in stocks.

2. Real Estate Investing Provides a Hedge Against Inflation

In recent decades the average annual real estate appreciation rate has exceeded the average annual inflation rate, which means that rental property investing protects your money against inflation.

3. Real Estate Investing Offers an Easy Access for Beginners

Unlike other investment strategies, real estate investing for beginners is absolutely feasible, doable, and accessible. With the help of real estate websites (like and the best real estate investment tools (like a real estate heatmap, a Property Finder, and an investment property calculator), you can start buying profitable rental properties right away.

To learn how the Property Finder helps you find profitable rental properties within your budget in your market, read

4. Investing in Real Estate Makes Money in the Short Term

With rental property investing, you start to make money right away. As soon as you buy an investment property and find tenants, you start receiving rental income on a daily basis in the case of Airbnb rentals or a monthly basis in the case of traditional rentals.

To find out the best places with the highest cash on cash return in real estate for traditional rental properties in 2020, watch

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5. Rental Property Investing Makes Money in the Long Term

Real estate investing for beginners allows you to make money in the long run as well through real estate appreciation. Despite temporary downturns, the real estate market always bounces back due to the constantly increasing demand for housing and the limited availability of land.

Real estate appreciation is forecast to remain strong in 2020, providing good long-term return for rental property investing.

6. Real Estate Investing Is Seeing Shifts in the Real Estate Market

2020 is the best time for beginners to start a real estate investing business as the US housing market is no longer a hot seller’s market. Though it’s early to talk about a buyer’s market either, there are more and more good real estate deals for savvy investors.

7. Real Estate Investing Offers Affordability for Every Budget

While some real estate markets in the US are facing an affordability crisis, there are plenty of locations where real estate investing is an affordable strategy even for beginners.

8. Rental Demand Is Going Up

Demand for both rental strategies – traditional and Airbnb rental properties – is going up due to population growth, an increasing share of renters vs. homeowners, and more and more people traveling on a regular basis.

9. Rental Property Investing Offers Flexibility with Rental Strategies

Real estate investing allows you to change your rental strategy at any time. If the dynamics in your local real estate market change, you can switch from traditional to Airbnb rentals and vice versa to increase your return on investment.

10. 2020 Is Characterized by Low Interest Rates

2020 is a great time for real estate investing for beginners as the interest rate on 30-year fixed mortgages is expected to remain below 4.2%. This makes rental property investing more affordable and accessible for just about everyone.

If you want to make money with real estate investing in 2020, you should start researching rental markets and searching for investment properties for sale now.

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