Why Hire a Real Estate Agent When Buying Or Selling a Home

Selling Real Estate
1. Benefits Of Hiring Real Estate Agent When Buying Or Selling Home

* There are thousands of professional realtors in Illinois and I truly do respect the job that they do in assisting buyers and sellers.

– Hiring realtors to represent a home buyer and/or home seller is optional
– Many home sellers believe that there are no Benefits Of Hiring Real Estate Agent and that they can sell the home themselves
– Many home buyers also feel there are no Benefits Of Hiring Real Estate Agent
– They feel they can get a better deal if they just deal with the listing agent and/or home seller
– Realtors normally charge 6% commission of the sales price
– This realtor commission is paid for by home sellers
– Both the home buyers agent and listing agent splits the commission paid by the seller
– There are huge Benefits Of Hiring Real Estate Agent when buying or selling home

2. Real Estate Relationships And Referal Partners

* Gustan Cho Associates has countless of realtor relationships nationwide. We work very closely with our realtor partners in helping their clients qualify for mortgages.

– Fortunately, our team of loan officers work with very hard working real estate agents in multiple states
– We have a database of veteran experienced real estate agents nationwide who goes above and beyond in taking care of their buyers and sellers like if they were their own family members

The thing that really touches my heart is when our borrowers tells us how much they appreciative the realtors we recommend them in their home buying process.

3. In Conclusion On Benefits Of Hiring Real Estate Agent

There are countless of benefits of hiring real estate agent on home purchase or when selling home. Loan officers and real estate agents work together prior and during the mortgage process. Real Estate Agents help home buyers negotiate the purchase price. They also will request the right amount of sellers concessions so the home buyers do not have to come up with any closing costs. If something comes up during the home inspection, agents can re-negotiate the terms and/or price and re-do the real estate purchase contract. Real Estate Agents have their client’s best interest in mind. Due to the many reasons, the Benefits Of Hiring Real Estate Agent is highly recommend for both buyers and sellers.

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