Ultimate Moving Checklist

A moving checklist is more than a few items to remember during moving day. It’s more than just remembering to pack your pet fish. It will be your salvation when your world is temporarily chaos. It can be a lifeline back to the world where you left your sanity. Here are a few things you might want to add to your moving list if you haven’t already.

Arrange to transfer your utilities– If you are moving across town this might only require a phone call. If you are moving out of state then you will probably be dealing with a different company all together. Deposits might be needed as well as canceling your current service.movingboxesrounded_1

File a Change of Address-You probably want to still receive your mail at your new home. Maybe not all of it, but we don’t get to pick and choose. A temporary Change of Address form is available at your local post office. After that you will need to notify everyone individually of your new address.

Make sure to have cash on hand– Moving companies often like to paid in cash. Also if you are moving out of state, many places will not accept out of state checks. Cash can be handy for essentials that you haven’t unpacked yet or a quick meal.

Moving Supplies-You will need packing materials to put all of your stuff in. Boxes, tape, blankets for packing fragile items, markers and labels to identify your stuff, and scissors or knife to get back in those boxes are all must have items.

Remembering these few items can make you move a lot smoother. Also download our complete and extensive Ultimate Moving Checklist. You can print this copy and keep it with you for when the big moving day arrives. Good Luck!