How To Get A Home Appraisal

Whether you are buying or selling a home, or wanting to refinance, getting a home appraisal is an important step in the process. You can even get a home appraisal to help get funding for a remodel. A home appraisal should be done by an unbiased third party who is not going to favor the buyer, seller, or the lender. The appraiser will inspect your house and property to determine it’s worth. This is usually the starting point when negotiating a selling price for the home.

The appraiser will use several factors when determining the fair market value of the property. These will include, but are not limited to condition of the property, size and layout of the interior, age of the appliances, other home values in the area, and neighborhood the house is in.

You can pay for a professional home appraisal, but this can cost upwards of hundreds of dollars. There are also ways to get free estimates of what your home value might be. One of the best and quickest ways to get a home appraisal estimate is to use one of the free home value websites. Normally they will ask for an address and some basic information about your home and sixty seconds later you will have a fairly good idea of the value of your home.

These websites use public sales records to determine the appraisal. The great thing about these sites is that the estimate is free and you can’t beat free. Also your Realtor can give you a good estimate of what your property is valued at based on their knowledge of property values in your area.