Tips For Saving Money On Your Move

Moving is a stressful process as it is, but nothing is more stressful than realizing when it’s all done that the move Free Moving Quotebroke the bank. Here are a few tips to save a few bucks during the moving process.

Get more than one moving quote- Shop around for quotes on moving companies. Don’t take the first offer given to you. You could save as much as 20% just by getting a few quotes.

Hold a Yard Sale– This might sound silly, but not only can you make a few bucks before you move, but you might unload some items you didn’t want to bring with you anyway. Moving companies often charge by weight and this can help you “shed a few pounds” before the big day.

Look for Free Boxes– Instead of paying for boxes from a moving supply company, think about getting old boxes form local businesses instead. Often all it takes is to ask.

Create a Budget– Nothing will allow your moving spending to spin out of control like not having a budget.

Pack it Yourself– If your short on cash, packing your items yourself can save you a bundle over having the moving company do it for you.

These are just a few of the ways you can save a bundle on moving day. Don’t let the stress of moving give you an excuse to break the bank.